Helpful Teething Tips for New Parents

Teething occurs when teeth break above the gum line; and the process can cause mild to severe pain for a child. It is inevitable, and the process of teething serves as an introduction to the earliest oral health care both for the new baby as well as the new parents. You can be sure that teething will feel like a long and painful (in different ways) process for everyone involved, but keeping a few things in mind can help to ease that shared pain. 

  • Teething will cause your child discomfort. It will be good to recognize and accept this ahead of time so that you will be better prepared to soothe and cope.
  • Become familiar with the symptoms of teething now. Symptoms can include changes in appetite, altered sleep patterns, increased fussiness, and an increase in drooling.
  • Know and monitor for signs of trouble. If your baby starts running a fever or has rashes that cannot be explained, they should see a healthcare professional soon as possible. There could be an infection that requires immediate treatment. 
  • Try out various products and techniques for relief—whether store-bought or DIY. If you prefer to purchase, just be sure to research and choose safe and effective products specifically designed for teething, such as teething rings or teething animals. Know that while it is available, it is unsafe to give children under the age of two any teething tablets. Instead, a small chilled spoon or a gauze pad are recommended treatment tools.

Your child should have their first dental appoint within six months of getting her first tooth and before turning one. You can contact Capital Esthetics & Family Dentistry for teething treatments, and if necessary, to book an appointment with Dr. Diane Pham for an exam. You can reach our office in Vienna, Virginia. We look forward to improving your child’s smile for many years to come!