6 Reasons Why You're Suffering from Bad Breath

If you are self-conscious about your breath, you are not alone. Chronic bad breath is a common condition called halitosis. When you're suffering from halitosis, you may brush your teeth after every meal and eat mints in between to freshen up your breath, but it will only be temporary because it won't take care of the underlying problem.

Halitosis doesn't have to be a permanent condition, however. The first and most important step is to be diagnosed. Persistent bad breath could be a warning sign of a more serious issue. From there, your dentist can begin to work with you to find the right solutions to your bad breath problem. There are a variety of causes for halitosis, but these seven are the most common culprits.

1. Cavities

2. Dry Mouth

3. Gum Disease

4. Diet

5. Tobacco

6. Alcohol

7. Bacteria


These conditions need to be addressed and treated before good breath can be fully restored. If you brush your teeth twice a day and floss each day, this will help fight off the bacteria causing your bad breath. A couple of other ways you can keep your mouth clean and breath fresh include using an effective, non-drying mouthwash (alcohol-free) and a tongue scraper. 

If you're ready to conquer your bad breath, we invite you to visit us in Vienna, Va. Schedule a consultation so we can begin to address your questions and concerns.