7 Signs That Your Toothache Should Be Examined by a Dentist

A toothache is the pain felt within a tooth as a result of damage to the nerve endings. Typically, if a nerve ending is damaged, it means that there is a hole in the tooth enamel somewhere and bacteria has entered the tooth and began to infect the pulp. Pulp damage can be caused by a multitude of things, including: oral accidents, injuries, tooth decay, dental erosion, and cavities. If you do begin to feel pain in the tooth and think it may be a toothache, the following signs should have you scheduling an appointment with a dentist:

1. Sudden illness

Facial rashes, high fevers, and chills that are abnormal. 

2. Jaw pain

Pain or tenderness in your jaw could mean you are suffering from TMD TMJ disorders can cause toothaches.

3. Swelling

Notable swelling and fevers can be associated with toothaches.

4. Intense pain

If pain persists after using pain medications, it may be serious. 

5. Pain following a recent extraction

If you continue to show signs of pain after a full 24 hours following an extraction, you may still feel toothache-like pain, even though the problem tooth has already been removed.

6. Tooth pain following recent head injury

If you have lost a tooth due to a violent blow, infections and toothaches are likely to occur.


If you think you have a toothache, or if your jaw is giving you any sort of pain, please call Capital Esthetics & Family Dentistry so we can get you in to see Dr. Diane Pham and our team as soon as possible.