5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Like Brushing Their Teeth

It's important to begin teaching your children about their oral care at a young age. If they are taught healthy habits at a young age, those habits will continue into adulthood when oral care becomes even more important. 

1. Make it fun

Toothbrushes that have electric motors, are decorated with their favorite characters, or that play a tune when used could make their toothbrushing routine more enjoyable. You could even sing a made-up toothbrushing song together as part of the routine. Flavored toothpastes can keep things exciting for your kids as well.

2. Make it interactive

Because young children do not yet know how to brush their teeth properly, you must help them. Brush your teeth at the same time to show them how it's done, and plan to get involved by getting hands-on! Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush and angle it towards their gums and teeth to get them used to the positioning. Show your child how to move it gently and slowly back and forth along the teeth and gums. Also, don’t forget to brush the tongue well, so you can remove any other bacteria on the surface.

3. Make it interesting

Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, and that includes the world inside their mouth! Come up with fun oral health-related projects where kids can gain deeper understanding through crafts, stories, or even experiments. For example, let kids observe just how damaging cola can be to a pristinely white eggshell over time. 

4. Bring them in to meet their dentist

Regular dental exams should begin as early as six months after the first tooth arrives, or after the child’s first birthday. The sooner they are introduced to their friendly dentist, the sooner they can learn about and establish proper oral health habits. 

The long-term benefits for your child's oral health are well worth developing good brushing habits early. If you think it’s time to bring your child in for a check-up, please call us today at 703-255-0040 to set up an appointment at our Vienna, Va. dental studio. We love welcoming children to Capital Esthetics & Family Dentistry!