What is a Fluoride Treatment?

The professional fluoride treatment that dentists often recommend to their patients is a preventative measure taken to strengthen and nourish your teeth, providing a barrier to issues such as enamel erosion and tooth decay. It is asimple procedure that is also painless. Beyond receiving fluoride treatments at your regular dental checkups, you can introduce safe amounts of fluoride into your daily routines. Brush your teeth using a fluoride toothpaste and be sure to drink fluoridated water. (Tap water is generally fluoridated and safe to drink in the US.) Our dentist, Dr. Pham, is happy to give you more specific recommendations during an appointment. 

Professional fluoride treatment can come in one of three forms: foam, gel, or varnish. During the treatment, our dental team will insert a flexible tray to submerge or coat your top and bottom rows of teeth in the fluoride. The fluoride takes a few minutes for the mixture to take effect. At the end of the wait, you will be instructed to rinse your mouth with water to remove any lingering fluoride residue. For all fluoride forms, it is important to avoid eating or drinking for those 30 minutes following the treatment.

For more information and details about professional fluoride treatments, please reach out to our dental team at Capital Esthetics & Family Dentistry. We are located in charming Vienna, Va. and welcome the entire Northern Virginia community.